Marc de Bastos Eckstein, managing director of the thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft. presented the two infusion pumps donated to the 2nd Department of Paediatrics of Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences (the Tűzoltó Street hospital) on 28th January, which were accepted by Head Nurse Tóthné Kornélia Kónya representing the hospital.

In the Tűzoltó Street hospital, 100–150 new young cancer patients are treated every year, which constitutes 40% of all new paediatric cancer cases in Hungary.

Infusion pumps ensuring accurate dosage are crucial in treating cancer, as the complete eradication of leukaemia cells is made possible with the help of these tools. Infusion pumps are able to ensure uninterrupted infusion, highly accurate dosage of medication, precise, programmed administration of chemotherapeutic medicine. In the case of chemotherapy, manual dosage is not an option, as perfect accuracy is essential. Children will be able to receive medication through the pumps for 2–4–6 hours. The pumps are tested for 24 hours before delivery.

The total cost of the 2 pumps is about HUF 1.3 million.

The German thyssenkrupp, present in 78 countries, started developing its electromechanic steering systems in Budapest twenty years ago, it has been assembling undercarriages in Győr since 2013, it manufactures steering systems and engine components in Jászfényszaru, and its stabilizer and spring factory was built in Debrecen last autumn.

In the automotive industry, thyssenkrupp has a total of approximately 1500 employees in Hungary.

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