We announced a new automotive greenfield investment and in the following months we will commence the building of a new engine components manufacturing plant in Pécs. The value of the investment is about HUF 17 billion, and the plant will accommodate the manufacture of highly efficient valve train parts and electric motor components. The construction of the new plant is scheduled to begin in September, with the start of production planned for 2020. The new manufacturing unit will create around two hundred new jobs.

 "thyssenkrupp is one of the fastest-growing automotive companies in Hungary. Today, we employ a total of almost two thousand people on five sites. In the past few years, we have not only invested in the most up-to-date plants, but also in expanding our development activities. Our E/E competence centre is one of the most outstanding software development centres in Europe,” said Marc de Bastos Eckstein, Managing Director of thyssenkrupp’s automotive field in Hungary.

In the competence centre, software used in electromechanical, “intelligent” steering systems and steering concepts are developed, such as the Steer-by-Wire system, which provides electronic connections instead of mechanical ones for highly automated or autonomous systems.

In the field of manufacturing, thyssenkrupp relies on the latest technology, the rules of Industry 4.0: in the component-manufacturing plant in Pécs, each and every part will be provided with a Data-Matrix code. This coding will allow connection to the data network: each step of the manufacturing process the workpiece goes through is stored in the part’s virtual memory, this way each and every product will have its own, detailed and unique manufacturing history.

“In our plants, factories and development projects our colleagues are engaged in exciting tasks, which, in the last few years, has made us one of the most popular employers in Hungary. We are pleased with this positive reputation, because we have long-term plans with our Hungarian investments, and we are establishing a good cooperation with cities and communities we operate” added the Managing Director.

thyssenkrupp is the most dynamic industrial and technological investor in Hungary: over the past three years, on four sites the company has  invested of the value of nearly HUF 50 billion in the automotive supplier field in the country. In addition to the building of the plant in Pécs, the competence centre in Budapest is also continuously expanding.

The automotive success story of thyssenkrupp started in Hungary 20 years ago, when Hungarian engineers and thyssenkrupp decided on the joint development of new, electromechanical steering systems.


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