On the 2nd of October, 2019 Dr. Palkovics László, minister for innovation and technology, Páva Zsolt, mayor of Pécs, Marc De Bastos Eckstein, managing director of thyssenkrupp Components Technology Hungary Kft. and Sven Sitte, the plant manager of the camshafts factory for Jászfényszaru did the first, symbolic dig at the construction site of the new motor component plant of the German company in Pécs, and by that, the works of the automotive greenfield development of more than 17 billion HUF have commenced. High efficiency camshafts and electric motor components will be manufactured in the plant. The plant will already be completed next year, and the serial production is expected to start in 2020. Approximately two hundred jobs will be created directly by the new manufacturing facility.

“In our state of the art factories operating in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, not only the product but also the method of manufacturing is world-class. thyssenkrupp as a whole is prepared for the changes in the automotive industry, such as for the increasing market share of electric vehicles, and we are able to respond quickly and flexibly to market trends. In the past few years, we have not only invested in the most up-to-date plants, but also in expanding our development activities” noted Marc De Bastos Eckstein, managing director of the automotive segment of thyssenkrupp for Hungary. 

thyssenkrupp counts on the city and on its residents since the beginning, and aims to employ as many local professionals, companies and contractors as possible.  In the first step they are looking for a contractor for building the plant, but soon there will be opportunities for suppliers in other areas, too. The company has already started the recruitment: the selection of the managers of the new plant has started, and from the beginning of next year the recruitment will take place from the operator level up to the mid-level management. The production will ramp-up to full capacity for 2022, approximately 200 employees will be gradually recruited by then.

thyssenkrupp is the most intensive industrial and technological investor in Hungary: over the past three years, on four sites the company has  invested of the value of nearly HUF 50 billion in the automotive supplier field in the country. In addition to the building of the plant in Pécs, the competence centre in Budapest is also continuously expanding. In addition to development, the company is also engaged in manufacturing and assembly work in Hungary:  In Jászfényszaru, electromechanical steering servos and cylinder-head modules with integrated camshafts are produced, whereas in Debrecen springs and stabilizers are manufactured by the company. A chassis assembly plant and a Steel Service Centre are in operation in Győr.

The success story of the automotive segment of thyssenkrupp began exactly twenty years ago in Hungary, when Hungarian engineers in cooperation with thyssenkrupp started to develop electromechanical steering systems. Currently, the company has almost 2000 employees in Hungary.

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